About Tony Le Mon

When you hire Tony Le Mon as your attorney, you get Tony Le Mon! Your case should not get lost in a high volume practice by getting assigned to an inexperienced lawyer or paralegal to handle your affairs. The best way to ensure that the attorney you meet and hire is to demand that he guarantees, in writing, that he will be handling your case, not just supervising it.  That he will be actually doing the work. Writing briefs. Appearing in court for important motions and rules. Taking depositions. Talking to adjusters and opposing attorneys on important issues. Negotiating settlements. And taking your case to trial, if necessary. That lawyer should be willing to commit to "you" that your case is important enough for him or her to be personally involved. So get it in writing because high volume lawyers do not always take such a personal interest in your case. He cannot be everywhere and do everything in a high volume practice. With Tony Le Mon, he will give you and live up to that written commitment of personal and quality representation.

The First 15 Years (1986-2001)

Tony Le Mon began an active civil trial practice in 1986. During his first 15 years in practice, he gained experience in several greater New Orleans law firms specializing in motor vehicle accidents, plaintiff and defense; medical malpractice, plaintiff and defense; worker's compensation & Longshore defense; legal malpractice defense; product liability, plaintiff and defense; merchant liability, plaintiff and defense; insurance coverage, plaintiff and defense; and other bodily injury and casualty claims, plaintiff and defense. He gained trial experience in federal and state courts, trying cases in Louisiana, Florida, Texas, and Massachusetts among other states. He also represented the United States Navy Exchange Service Command and the Coast Guard Exchange Service Command in Longshore cases for several years during that time period.

In A Solo Practice The Next Fifteen Years (2001-2015)

In 2001, Mr. Le Mon opened a solo civil and criminal law practice in Covington, La and over the next fifteen years or until 2015, he represented national and international retailers in merchant liability, product liability, workers' compensation, insurance coverage, and lease matters.  He also represented motor vehicle and manufactured housing dealerships in product liability and redhibition claims and provided general commercial services.

Having extensive experience on the defense side of the practice, Mr. Le Mon began representing individual plaintiffs who were involved in casualty events and claims involving insurance and commercial disputes having developed an insight on how to best present those cases from the experience of his defense practice. Mr. Le Mon also offered his professional services in wrongful death and serious commercial trucking accidents representing individuals and families of loved ones seriously injured or killed in automobile, 18 wheeler, slip and fall, product design and composition failure, medical malpractice, and other serious accidents.  He further continued his active practice of representing injured workers in workers' compensation claims.  Mr. Le Mon began a will and estate planning practice during this time frame. Moreover, Mr. Le Mon began an active criminal practice focusing primarily on defending individuals charged with felony and misdemeanor DWI, theft, and drug possession charges.

Fulfilling Civil Duty as Assistant District Attorney & Chief of The Civil Department and Criminal Diversion Program (2015-2018)

In January 2015, and with the election of Warren Montgomery as District Attorney for St. Tammany and Washington Parishes, having acted as Mr. Montgomery's personal attorney during the election, Mr. Montgomery hired Mr. Le Mon as the First Assistant District Attorney and Chief of the Civil Division and the Criminal Diversion Program, during which Mr. Le Mon co-administered the District Attorney's Office with a Chief of Criminal Division and Chief of Administration. During the next three-plus years, or until March 2018, Mr. Le Mon devoted himself to this public service and closed his private law practice. He defended and prosecuted on behalf of the Office of the District Attorney in all civil matters, including representation of several fire departments, recreational districts, and other State boards and agencies. As for the Criminal Diversion Program that he supervised, a Program in which generally young non-violent offenders with little or no criminal record who are now charged with DWI-1st offense, or felony and misdemeanor theft or drug possession, Mr. Le Mon gave these young persons a "second chance" not to be prosecuted by successfully completing the Program. To make this Diversion Program for available to low-income citizens, Mr. Le Mon implemented a financial assistance system to allow for the waiver or reduction of enrollment fees. Mr. Le Mon also modernized the Program by launching the first software in the State of Louisiana designed specifically for diversion programs. With these tasks accomplished and the new administration in place, in March 2018, Mr. Le Mon resigned his position and has now returned to a private law practice in downtown Covington, Louisiana.

Accomplishments & Acknowledgments

Mr. Le Mon has been admitted to the United States Supreme Court, Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, and Eastern, Middle and Western District Courts of Louisiana. He is a Fellow of the Louisiana Bar Association. He has graduated from and serves on the Board of Leadership St. Tammany, and also serves on the Boards of The Children's Museum of St. Tammany, which opened in January 2018, The Tammany Trace Foundation, and The Donnie Jarrell (ALS) Foundation. He is a former Distinguished President of the Northshore Kiwanis Club and was named Kiwanian of the Year two consecutive years.