Arrested? Consult an Attorney

If you find yourself arrested or receive a citation for a crime, it is absolutely in your best interest to immediately consult an attorney.  Not just any attorney, but one that knows the law, the proceedings, and the participants involved.

Tony Le Mon has 32 years of legal experience handling criminal matters. More importantly, in 2015, he closed his solo practice to accept the position of First Assistant District Attorney and Chief of the Criminal Diversion “Second Chance” Program for St. Tammany and Washington Parishes, where he remained until March 2018.  The principal cases he handled included DWI along with felony and misdemeanor drug possession and theft charges. As one of the administrators in the District Attorney’s Office, Tony Le Mon worked with prosecutors, judges, and law enforcement.  After spending three years in that high level position, Mr. Le Mon resigned receiving the highest praise for his job performance from the current District Attorney, Warren Montgomery as noted in the letter below.  This service to the community has given Mr. Le Mon a very unique insight into the workings of prosecutors and the court system when dealing with criminal charges. As the Chief of the Diversion Program, Mr. Le Mon worked primarily with rehabilitating defendants charged with DWI and felony and misdemeanor drug possession and theft charges and if they successfully completed the Diversion Program, the charges against them were dismissed. Accordingly, Mr. Le Mon has gained a valuable insight into the prosecution of these particular charges and the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecution of these criminal charges and thus he has acquired a tremendous insight of the best defense practices.

Know Your Rights

Under the United States and Louisiana Constitutions, you are guaranteed the right to an attorney and to confront your accusers. It is the burden of the State to prove its case against you beyond a reasonable doubt. This is a high legal standard and a high burden of proof imposed on prosecutors.

When you hire Tony Le Mon as your attorney, you get Tony Le Mon.  He will personally handle everything from assisting with release from jail immediately after arrest, posting of bond, attending your arraignment, filing dispositive motions, filing motions to quash evidence, plea bargaining, attending pre-trial conferences, and preparing and taking your case to trial, if necessary. He can handle criminal record expungements for those trying to clear their criminal history of arrests and convictions.  If you choose to hire Mr. Le Mon, you will have him “in your corner” and he will vehemently fight for your rights.

Please reference my Recommendation Letter from DA Warren Montgomery.

Download D.A. Recommendation Letter