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After over 30 years of a private law practice, and as the First Assistant District Attorney for St. Tammany and Washington Parishes from 2015-2018 in which he operated the Criminal Diversion Program involving hundreds of individuals charged with  DWI/DUI, drug possession , and theft charges, Tony Le Mon has extensive experience in handling drug possession charges, both misdemeanor and felony.   He is not here to judge you. There are many reasons for a person to find himself being arrested on a drug possession charge.  Tony Le Mon takes a proactive approach to find the best option to keep you out of jail and get the best results for you, including working with prosecutors to qualify you for Drug Court, if warranted, dismissing or reducing the criminal charges, and otherwise seeking opportunities for you to gain help and rehabilitative services as needed. Louisiana is ranked as having one of the highest rates of incarceration for drug offenders.

Call Tony Le Mon at (985) 302-5555(o) or (504) 905-8811(c) for an immediate and free consultation. He will fight to get you immediately out of jail.

We Will Review Your Case

Tony Le Mon will review the charge(s) against you and undertake to: scrutinize the sheriff/police report; review all evidence against you; examine any laboratory results of the drugs seized; and carefully focus upon all circumstances surrounding your arrest to include whether law enforcement had probable cause to stop & frisk you or make a traffic stop, and review any warrant or warrantless searches of you, your car, and your residence.  As an administrator with the District Attorney’s Office until March 2018, Tony Le Mon understands the screening process and opportunities that might be available to avoid a prosecution, particularly for first-time drug possession offenders.

You should contact Tony Le Mon without delay.

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