Years of Experience

Antonio Le Mon, APLC is an experienced product liability attorney. For many years, Tony Le Mon has represented Fortune 500 Companies in product liability cases in the entire State of Louisiana and has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in numerous types of product liability cases, including claims arising from: design defect; manufacturing or composition defect; failure to warn or adequately warn consumers;  and failure to comply with express warranties.  In his 32 years of practice, Tony Le Mon has successfully settled and tried many serious bodily cases arising from product liability theories, including participating in national class action lawsuits, such as defective medical prosthetics. He has successfully handled product liability cases involving a wide variety of products including claims of defective design or composition in machinery, offshore drilling devices, motor vehicles, surgical tools, and a variety of consumer retail products.

Our Approach to Product Liability

Manufacturers of products have the protection of the Louisiana Product Liability Act, LSA-R.S. 9:2800.51 et. seq. which sets forth the limited theories of liability for product defects causing injury in Louisiana. To prove liability, an attorney must show that the product is unreasonably dangerous in design, inadequate warning, non-conformity with an express warranty, or by construction and composition. The use of the product must be shown to be a reasonably anticipated use or misuse.  In a design defect case, it is necessary to show that the product had a feasible alternative design that could have prevented the injuries. A product can have inherent defects that are not obvious.  In many cases, in deciding liability, our courts and juries are asked to determine if the benefits of the product outweigh its risks.   

A manufacturer will aggressively fight almost any individual product liability case because to lose that case may severely harm its pocket book and force that manufacturer to take a product out of commerce or devote significant dollars to change the manufacturing process or composition of its product. 

How Tony Le Mon Can Help

Whether you are the consumer or a manufacturer/retailer of a product that caused injuries, it is crucial for you to have a seasoned attorney handling your case. Tony Le Mon has extensive experience in carefully selecting and working with experts to support or defeat product liability theories and a laser focus on the technical details in creating or understanding the product and the liability theories at issue to give you the best chance for a favorable outcome to your case. Since Tony Le Mon has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in product liability cases, he has a great deal of insight in the strategies that both sides utilize to be successful. Having Tony Le Mon as your attorney gives you a tremendous advantage over the opposing party who may have an attorney whose experience is limited to handling only one side of product liability cases.