Commercial Trucking Accidents

In our legal industry, there are lawyers who specialize in trucking accident claims. It is critical that before you hire a lawyer to handle your case that you find one that is experienced and capable. Tony Le Mon has the experience to help you get the settlement that you­­ deserve. Commercial trucks, by their sheer size and weight, can lead to catastrophic injuries, or even death. By necessity, 18 wheelers move product all around the country and heavily populate our roadways. Under trucking regulations, drivers have mandated “rest requirements” and must keep logbooks, which if falsified can be punishable by law. This creates an increased risk of an accident. Notwithstanding these laws and regulations, truckers often work long hours which can easily lead to fatigue.

The rig operators are human and make mistakes like anyone, however, in some cases they are found to have been: distracted by their cell phones or other activities; impaired and under the influence of drugs or alcohol or both; traveling at excessive speeds; neglectful in performing scheduled maintenance on their trucks; and ignoring dangerous mechanical, tire and other conditions. Determining who is responsible for the negligent acts and omissions of a commercial truck operator can get complicated. For example, operators of these “big rigs” can be employees of a company or self-employed.  The truck might be leased and there can be layers of relationships which can make it even more difficult to determine who is liable for your damages.

Acting Fast After a Truck Accident

Tony Le Mon fights for trucking accident victims and has the experience to help you recover for your injuries and damages. The decision you make as to who will best represent after an accident of this type is crucial to the success of your claim. Your lawyer should seek to preserve evidence of fault and damages immediately after an accident to ensure that you have the best opportunity to prove liability to the parties responsible and your losses. At that crucial early stage immediately after an accident, Tony Le Mon will go out to the accident scene to take photographs, measurements, seek video captures of the accident from nearby cameras,  and, if possible, get an immediate examination of the truck involved in your accident.   He can obtain copies of the logbooks and verify through document examination that the driver has fully complied with trucking regulations. He can examine the truck’s onboard recorders or “black boxes” as they are commonly called that may capture critical data about the accident. In some cases, the manufacturer of the truck is found to have some culpability if it withheld important information on safety issues relating to the truck or it failed to properly test parts, by example tires or brakes, which are ultimately proven to have caused or contributed to causing your accident.

A decision to hire Tony Le Mon is a decision to have your trucking claim handled the right way. Tony Le Mon has represented retailers with commercial fleets, including a Fortune 500 company statewide, and has extensive experience investigating and handling these types of accidents. He can put that experience to work for you.