Our Approach to Estate Planning

Antonio Le Mon, APLC takes the approach that serving its clients starts with a clear understanding that our clients have spent their lives building up their businesses and personal wealth.  It is our function to ensure that their clients plan for the future of their families and loved ones so that their businesses and personal assets can be enjoyed for future generations while minimizing liability and tax burdens. Tony Le Mon also understands that the needs and priorities of his clients will likely change over time and that period reviews of his clients' estate planning may be in order. He stands ready to provide that assistance.

As an attorney for 32 years, Tony Le Mon has extensive experience helping individuals and businesses to make strategic plans for their future by reviewing trust and estate law and best making informed plans and goals for their businesses, personal assets and disposition of their property, and medical care.  Tony Le Mon is available to formally review or create: business entities; inter vivos donations or gifts; living and last wills and testaments; powers of attorney; leases and other commercial contracts through a negotiation process; testamentary trusts to meet the needs of your spouse, children and loved ones; and the educational needs for your children and grandchildren and create formal mechanisms to meet your goals in that regard. Tony Le Mon can perform more advanced estate planning and find other legal mechanisms to meet your individual goals.  Tony Le Mon also has extensive legal experience working closely with executors and administrators appointed to manage and conclude estates, probating last wills & testaments, and representing surviving heirs in formally opening, assisting in the administration of, and completing successions.